Hi, I'm Marc.
I help ship and scale web applications.

I'm a freelance full-stack developer in Seattle. These days, I tend to work with startups, though I have worked with organizations of many different shapes and sizes, including once for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

My experience includes building scalable backends in Python as well as modern user interfaces in Javascript. I have done a fair share of data engineering building out pipelines for analytics and image processing.

I offer my services on a contract basis from my ergonomic home office.

Here is a short "best ofs" timeline:

shipped a sensor data collection and analysis platform for 100+ devices (and soon 1000+) deployed worldwide
built tools for statisticians and epidemiologists at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Berkeley Biostatistics
built product and infrastructure for an energy analytics startup, playing an instrumental role in reaching milestones for a large seed round
scaled an energy IoT startup from scratch to 170 GB / day
transformed a drone startup's image processing shell scripts into an intuitive UI
stealth-mode product development for a startup client that led to an angel round
made it on Vietnamese television for my work in clean energy
wrote a web app to win the Microsoft Imagine Cup
ACM ICPC World Finalist

I'm always interested in hearing about new challenges. Please get in touch to discuss more about working together.